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See http://www.ethnologue.com/statistics/size for data on the most spoken languages of the world In fact, more than a quarter of us speak one of just three languages as our native tongue, according to data from Ethnologue, a database of languages. That's three languages between more than 2 billion people. Those three, and the rest of the top 10 most spoken languages in the world, are all visualized in this chart by Statista As the 2018 21st edition of Ethnologue puts it, Arabic is now occupying the fourth place (315 million native speakers) in our list of most common languages by number of native speakers. It seems that various online sources share this place between Arabic and Hindi, frequently putting Hindi first. But since Ethnologue is the most authoritative resource on languages of the world, we tend to. When it comes to the world's ten most spoken languages, numbers tend to vary considerably between sources.According to Ethnologue, Chinese (and all of its varieties such as Mandarin and Wu) is by.

As reported by Deccan Chronicle, the 2018 edition of Ethnologue, a language reference published by SIL International, ranks Urdu as the 11th most spoken language in the world. The language has approximately 16.32 crore speakers. Urdu is widely known for its beauty and grace, elegance and gentility. A major language of South Asia Urdu has been. According to the 2009 catalogue by Ethnologue, there are over 6900 distinct languages in the world. This means that I can order food in about 0.0006 percent of all the world's languages. Out of these almost 7000 languages, only 230 are spoken in Europe while over 2000 are spoken in Asia. In Papua-New Guinea, a small Oceanian country with about 3.9 million inhabitants, an impressive number of.

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Amongst 7K+ different languages spoken in the world, the Urdū language with its 329.1M native speakers and 697.4M total speakers all around the world stands at the 3 rd place [1]. The origin and. Almost half of the world's population claim one of only ten languages as their mother tongue. So who's in the Top 10 most spoken languages 5 Most Spoken Languages in The World | Ethnologue 2019, 22nd edition Determining what are the most spoken languages in the world is a more difficult task than you might imagine. We can say with. What's the most spoken language in the world? Especially for us living in the Western nations it's easy to immediately think: English. That's right, or at least almost right. Yes, because there are two possible points of view, both of them more than valid, as you can read in this Ethnologue article. From the point of view of the quantity of people talking a language as their.

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  1. Numbers vary widely — Ethnologue puts the number of native speakers at 1.3 billion native speakers, roughly 917 million of whom speak Mandarin — but there's no doubt it's the most spoken language in the world. If you wish to learn a language that one in six people in the world speak, this is the one for you. Seeing as Chinese is
  2. Tamil is India's fifth most spoken language, as well as being one of the official languages of Sri Lanka and Singapore. Catamaran (1697), pariah (1613), poppadum (1820) and patchouli (1843) are.
  3. 1. Many of the languages listed are technically dialects, not separate languages. They are listed separately because they differ from each other enough to be mutually unintelligible. 2. The countries listed under Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and Serbo-Croatian do not include those in which less than 1% of the population speaks the.
  4. How many people speak English? This statistic shows the most spoken languages in the world. There were around 1.3 billion native Chinese speakers a the time of survey

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  1. There are 7 billion people on earth and about 7000 languages, but more than half of the world's population speaks one of just 23 languages. This infographic, created by Alberto Lucas Lopéz for the South China Morning Post, shows the relative size of speaker population for all the languages that have over 50 million speakers (based on data from Ethnologue)
  2. When it comes to measuring in India, home to two of the listed languages and over a billion people, the challenges are multiplied. The world's most spoken language by total speakers. Ethnologue suggests the following list, which combines native speakers with non-native speakers: English (1.121 billion) Mandarin Chinese (1.107 billion
  3. Are these languages the most influential? The 10 most widely-spoken languages in the world No. 1: Chinese. According to the website Ethnologue.com, there are nearly 1.2 billion native speakers, including 1 billion who speak Mandarin. This includes populations from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and large communities in Brunei, Cambodia.
  4. Today, approximately 6,500 languages are spoken around the world. But which languages have the most speakers? You might be surprised
  5. Numbers vary widely — Ethnologue puts the number of native speakers at 1.3 billion native speakers, roughly 917 million of whom speak Mandarin — but there's no doubt it's the most spoken language in the world. If you wish to learn a language that one in six people in the world speak, this is the one for you . Source: | Statist
  6. 7 MOST USEFUL LANGUAGES TO LEARN IN 2018 According to Paul Lewis's Ethnologue book, the Top 10 most widely spoken languages are: Chinese (which groups the 12 languages spoken in China.
  7. Sometimes languages are regarded as associated with a particular nation or country, as if each nation had only one language. While nation states and other forms of nationalism have done much to spread particular languages, there is scarcely a country in the world citizens that speak a single language and most countries have tens and eve

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  1. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language of the world in 2018, there are between 7 and 13 main regional groups of the Chinese language and Mandarin is the most spoken (898 million speakers)
  2. Here are the most spoken languages in the world: 1. Chinese. Numbers vary widely — Ethnologue puts the number of native speakers at almost 1.2 billion native speakers, roughly a billion of whom speak Mandarin — but there's no doubt it's the most spoken language in the world. If you wish to learn a language that one in six people in the world speak, this is the one for you. Seeing as.
  3. This beautifully illustrated infographic (above), designed by South China Morning Post's graphics director Alberto Lucas Lopéz, shows the most spoken known languages in the world and where they.
  4. The silver medal is for Spanish and the thirty countries in which it is spoken. Olé! 1. Mandarin, more than 955 million native speakers. Mandarin is part of the Chinese language family and is spoken by a large number of people, mainly in China, Taiwan and Singapore and is undoubtedly one of the most spoken languages in the world
  5. Source: Ethnologue 2018 & 2019 and World Atlas.com. The Top Performers. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that Chinese tops the list, as China is the world's most populous country.Mandarin is the most common of more than 30 Chinese languages/dialects, and is sponsored by the government as the official language of China

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Before we jump into our list of 9 most spoken languages in the world take note statistics based on educated estimates from one of the most authoritative world language resources in the world Ethnologue. Statistics highlight the number of native speakers (speakers who use the target language as their first language). #1 Chinese. With an astounding figure of 1.284 billion, Chinese is the most. The most endangered languages. Drawing up a list of the world's most endangered languages is a virtually impossible feat. The latest research indicates that there are roughly 20 languages spoken by only one person each, the morbid truth being that as these speakers are all quite elderly, this number is at risk of changing at all times It's the 7th most-spoken language in the world, helped by the fact that it's also the official language in Bangladesh, and is spoken by around 83 million people in India. Approximately 80-85% of Bengali has been attributed by modern scholars as being modified, corrupted, or natural versions of Sanskrit words, with much of the rest being loanwords from other languages, predominantly Persian

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There are a little over 7000 languages spoken around the world today. While that number looks rather large, it's interesting to note that just 23 languages account for more than 50% of world population while about one-third of all languages have less than a 1000 speakers. This information suggests that most of the world population are skewed towards speaking a handful of languages and indeed. There are currently 7,111 known languages spoken by people around the world, according to Ethnologue, widely considered to be the most extensive catalogue of the languages of the world. Sadly, this number declines every month. Of these languages, 90% are spoken by less than 100,000 people The latest statistical data from Ethnologue places the number of living languages in the world at 7,099. The number could be more since the remote areas in places such as Papua New Guinea and the Amazon are still too difficult to reach. Only a little over 200 languages are spoken in Europe, while more than 2,000 are spoken in Asia. It is surprising that a small country such as Papua New Guinea.

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Weber argues that French is one of the most aggressively promoted languages in the world, and its knowledge often carries a certain prestige (though less so now that English has become the more frequent common denominator in an international setting). Chinese and Japanese, conversely, are not very common as second languages, due both to the complexity of the language as well as the attitudes. From A Fala de Xálima, which is spoken in Portugal, to Zyudin, a dialect of Komi-Permynk spoken in the Urals, Ethnologue has distinguished itself as the best single source of information about all the known languages of the world. Richard Pittman produced the first edition in 1951, a mimeographed version that identified 46 languages. This 15th edition raises the bar to 7,299 known languages. English belongs to the Western group of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family.It is most closely related to Low German dialects and to Dutch.English descended from the language spoken in the English Isles by the Germanic tribes, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, who came to the British Isles around 450 AD and drove the original Celtic-speaking inhabitants to areas that are now. 7,099 languages are spoken in the world today. 7,099 languages are spoken today, but just 23 languages account for more than half the world's population. ethnologue.co Below are the most popular spoken and used languages in the entire world. There is one thing to take into consideration though. Since it is often very difficult to define the differences between a dialect and a language, the stats can vary. That's due to the macrolanguage having several varieties. In any event, the following statistics are based on findings from the 2007 Nationalencyklopedin.

20/08/2018 . Languages are an integral part of cultural diversity, freedom of expression and universal access to information and knowledge. But, do we have an accurate count of the number of languages and users across the world? The UIS, in collaboration with UNESCO's Communication and Information Sector, has just launched the Survey of World Languages to collect a wide range of data on the. Ethnologue is the comprehensive reference volume that catalogs all the known living languages in the world today. The Ethnologue has been an active research project for more than fifty years. Thousands of linguists and other researchers all over the world rely on and have contributed to the Ethnologue. It is widely regarded to be the most comprehensive listing of information of its kind. A new.

According to Ethnologue(17th Edition.), Chinese (Mandarin) is the most widely spoken language in the world. Because of the large population, there are more than one billion people speak Chinese as their first language. Besides, Chinese beating the second most spoken language, English, by two to one ratio. However, Chinese is not easy to learn August 27, 2018 marcel Leave a comment. Most useful languages. First of all, it is important to highlight the difference between the most spoken languages in the world and those more likely to provide career and job opportunities, since the economic and strategic weight of a language depends on many factors, not only on how many people speak it. Top 10 languages in the world by number of. The far and wide spread of the Spanish language across Europe and the Americas has made it our No. 1 language to learn in the year 2018. With over 470 million native speakers and a growing number of non-native speakers, it is the most commonly spoken language in the world, second only to Mandarin Chinese. Native Speakers: 470 Million (2017 Mandarin Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. As China continues to rise to the top in the global economy, it is quickly becoming recognized as the language to know in the world of business. For example, the number of US Colleges offering courses in Mandarin rose by 110 percent between 1990 and 2013. However, while Mandarin.

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List of Languages (Excel, csv, text) This page contains a complete list of languages from all over the world, as well as downloadable Excel, csv and text files that are ready-made to block languages from your AdWords campaigns Accent Reduction: Fascinating Facts About the World's Most Spoken Languages Get these fascinating facts about languages. Our world of languages: There are at least 7,102 known languages being used in the world today. Twenty-three of these languages are the first language or mother tongue for more than 50 million people Melanie Landon has already mentioned Njerep which is the last spoken language of the Bantoid family by several people but would love to answer my own thoughts based off the United States. Cherokee in my opinion with a speaking population between 1..

2019 Ethnologue 200 by SIL International. Buy for $249. 2019 Ethnologue 200 . Buy for $249. Download the list of the top 200 languages in the world. The largest 200 languages in the world, in CSV format. Contains five fields: ISO 639-3 code identifying each language; Inverted language name (e.g. Chinese, Mandarin) Uninverted language name (e.g. Mandarin Chinese) L1 Users, the estimated number. 96% of the world's 6000 languages are spoken by 4% of the world's population. 90% of the world's languages are not represented on the Internet. One language disappears on average every two. India is home to several hundred languages.Most Indians speak a language belonging to the families of the Indo-Aryan branch of Indo-European (c. 77%), the Dravidian (c. 20.61%), the Austroasiatic (c. 1.2%), or the Sino-Tibetan (c. 0.8%), with some languages of the Himalayas still unclassified. The SIL Ethnologue lists 415 living languages for India March 17, 2018 Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps Most Spoken Languages of the World . What is a language? Language is a medium of communication of thoughts, emotions, ideas, etc. Humans have evolved and got civilized through many factors, and all this would have been impossible without languages. Today, more than 7000 languages are spoken in the world with a majority of. Arabic was ranked the 5th most spoken language in the world by research group Ethnologue, with over 240 million speakers worldwide. In Africa, there are more than 100 million speakers, with Egypt accounting for more than 54 million. It is also the most widespread official language on the continent, incluing in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. English reached the 3rd spot as the most spoken.

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- January 23, 2018. 8 9624 3 . 113 Shares. Share 112. Tweet 1. Pin. Worldwide, the number of living languages today is 7,099 according to the latest data from Ethnologue. The number continues to diminish as years pass because many languages become extinct as native speakers die. Languages evolve, just like human and cultural changes are inevitable. Language is communication, both verbal and. Ethnologue lists 6,912 living languages in the world today. 389 languages (5.6% of all known languages) are spoken by at least one million people and account for almost 94.1% of the world's population. The remaining 94.4% of languages are spoken by only 5.9% of the world's population

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  1. What are the most widely spoken languages in the world? Or, if you are contemplating learning a second language, which will get you the most new conversation opportunities for your effort? The following list shows number of people speaking a language either as their first or second language. It is taken from Nicholas Ostler's 'Empires of the Word', a detailed (and long!) history of the.
  2. Arabic World. Probably one of the oldest and most diverse languages to be spoken by people on Earth. It developed from various Semitic languages, and is spoken mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, although it is the official language of no less than 26 countries. As of now, there are about 4 different dialects spoken across the world in.
  3. Now, it stands as top 3 most spoken languages in the world, although it was adopted as India's official language only in late 1949. #2 LEARN CHINESE ONLINE. Without a doubt, Chinese has to thank the ever-increasing population of China for its top 2 ranking on this list! There are a little over 1 billion people speaking some dialect of Chinese ( a group of related, but in many cases mutually.
  4. 29 Nov 2018 Top Business Languages of the World for Exporters in the Global Marketplace. As a professional translation agency, languages are our speciality - we provide specialist translations to and from all major languages, across a range of sectors. If you're looking to get translating right away, get in touch with our team of expert translators! But which languages should I target? Good.
  5. Ethnologue (2015, 18th edition). The following languages are listed as having 50 million or more native speakers in the 2015 edition of Ethnologue, a language reference published by SIL International based in the US. Speaker totals are generally not reliable, as they add together estimates from different dates and (usually uncited) sources; language information is not collected on most.

Most people are surprised to learn that there are over 7,000 languages spoken in the world today. Over 800 of those are dying and another 1500 are in danger of dying in a generation. Even assuming that all those will die within a generation, that will still leave upwards of 4,700 languages spoken in this world. The Ethnologue has a fascinating page showing where the languages are an giving. Now, we're going a step further by ranking the most spoken languages in the world. Creating this list wasn't simple. Among all the scientists who have tried taking on this task, very few agree on the 4th-, 6th- and 10th-place languages Also, since this classification is based on number of speakers, the data varies quite regularly. People are born and pass away constantly, and not all.

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Ranked: The 100 Most Spoken Languages Around the World. All of the World's Wealth in One Visualization. The History of the World, in One Video. Ranking the World's Most Populous Cities, Over 500 Years of History . The World's 7.5 Billion People, in One Chart. 5 Hidden Ways That Globalization is Changing. Comments. Technology Animated Map: What America Searched for on Google, Over the. Most spoken languages in the world by native speakers. This is the updated list of the most spoken languages in the world in 2020 by first-language speakers. 1. Chinese. If you include all forms of the Chinese language, there are about 1.3 billion native speakers, which makes it the most spoken language in the world. However, Chinese is not really a single language, but rather a related group. Here are the most spoken languages in the world as measured by the number of most primary speakers. 1) ChineseTotal speakers: 1.2 billion. (All dialects)Primary country: China Chinese (Ethnologue classifies Chinese as a macrolanguage with several divisions under it, such as Mandarin, Hakka etc.) Spanish, English, Hindi and Arabic are the most widely spoken languages.

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It's a pleasure to be able to offer unalloyed praise for a NY Times story about linguistics, Michael Erard's How Linguists and Missionaries Share a Bible of 6,912 Languages.I've been using Ethnologue in print form since I was in college (its availability online at no cost is one of the best things about the internet), and it was interesting to learn that it started as far back as 1951 Each pin on Ethnologue's map represents one of the 7,099 languages spoken today in the world and, although the majority of them (two-thirds) are from Asia and Africa, I am able to locate Breton among the multitude of yellow pins and find its profile. Because of an incredible revival, Breton's status says shifting, but 25 years ago, it probably said, endangered, like a third of.

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  1. The Most Widely Spoken Languages. Below is additional information about the world's most commonly spoken languages. 1. Chinese. With more than 1.2 billion native speakers in the world, Chinese is the clear winner on our list of most widely spoken languages. However, Ethnologue lumps Mandarin, Hakkan, Min Nan, Wu, and others into the.
  2. As part of the UN system, the World Health Organization's (WHO) six official languages - Arabic (242 million native speakers), Chinese (1197 million), English (335 million), French (76 million), Russian (16 million), and Spanish (399 million) - are the first languages of only 2.4 billion people, according to Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 18th edition - less than half the world.
  3. Interestingly, German is actually the second most common language on the Internet, even though it doesn't appear on the top-10 most spoken list. Apart from proving a hurdle to access and.
  4. g languages that make the most money in 2018 or are the most popular in 2018, you can suitably adjust the sails to focus on them. In this post, we are going to evaluate some sources with the intention of co

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November 2018 Which are the world's most powerful languages? Languages with the most influence in 2018. INSEAD, a private business school with locations across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, recently released its 2018 list of world's most powerful languages, seen here shared by a tweet from the Spectator Index.The languages are ranked as follows Number three on the list of the world's least-spoken languages is also a language you might (or might not) hear in the South Pacific. The existance of dozens of barely spoken languages isn't surprising here, of course, given the isolation the geography of this region has necessitated for most of its history. Lemerig, which also sometimes goes by names like Bek and Sasar, had just two.

While Mandarin and Cantonese are languages are most spoken non-official languages and followed by Punjabi and Tagalog Filipino, 5 Safest Airline In The World 2018. Career. Backpack to Briefcase: Transitioning into the Working World. Entertainments. 10 Life Hacks Every College Student Needs To Know. Foods . The Importance Of A Colourful Diet. Daily Foods-July 6, 2020. Countries That Consume. People have come from all over the world to make New Zealand their home. As they do so, the range of languages spoken in New Zealand is becoming more diverse. Table 1: Languages spoken in New Zealand, 2001, 2006 & 2013. Number of people able to speak language (percentage of population, %) Languages: 2001: 2006: 2013: English: 3,425,301 (92%) 3,673,626 (91%) 3,819,969 (90%) Te Reo Māori.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ethnologue Languages of the World at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users It's estimated that more than 7,000 languages are spoken around the world. According to a report by UNESCO, the world's most broadly spoken languages by number of native speakers and as a second language are English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese, German, Japanese and French. Businesses in a number of sectors and industries actively seek employees with. Berber languages from North Africans are one of the most spoken languages in France, about 2,200,000 speakers. Italian: spoken by Italian immigrant communities in many major French cities, especially in southern regions, such as Nice, Savoie, and Corsica. [citation needed] About 790,000 speakers, excluding Italian dialects Russian is included in the list of global languages, which means that it's widely spoken around the world. According to Ethnologue , around 265 million people speak Russian, and it is especially.

15 of the Most Endangered Languages in the World Marissa Laliberte Updated: Feb. 11, 2019 There are more than 7,000 living languages in the world, but UNESCO predicts more than half will be. Ethnologue Gary F. Simons SIL International, Dallas, USA Raymond G. Gordon, Jr. SIL International, Dallas, USA Ethnologue: Languages of the World is a reference work catag all known languages of the present-day world. Now in its fifteenth edition (2005), the Ethnologue identifies 6,912 living languages, both spoken and signed Of all the languages of Russia, Russian, the most widely spoken language, is the only official language at the national level.There are 35 different languages which are considered official languages in various regions of Russia, along with Russian. There are over 100 minority languages spoken in Russia today. The new approved amendments to the Russian Constitution stipulate that Russian is the. Top 10 Most Spoken Languages In The World 2018 November 16, 2015 Stephen Palmer I moved to Australia in 2013 and created this blog to help Irish people living in Australia. 10 million visitors later it now has evolved into a job board, flight company and offers support with many services Irish people need when they move to Australia most spoken languages in the world 2018 October 18, 2018 Stephen Palmer I moved to Australia in 2013 and created this blog to help Irish people living in Australia. 10 million visitors later it now has evolved into a job board, flight company and offers support with many services Irish people need when they move to Australia

Most spoken Languages in the World External Links to language related sites and sources: SIL International (initially known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics) SIL International is a faith-based organization that studies, documents, and assists in developing the world's lesser-known languages. Ethnologue An encyclopedic reference work catag all of the world's 6,912 known living. School work about The ten most spoken languages in the world Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website

Exploring the most spoken languages in the U.S. and the geographies, cultures and livelihoods of the people who speak them 07/02/2018 . flix-user. Blog. 0. Florida is by far one of the best states to grace America with its gorgeous weather, miles upon miles of coastline and its diverse population. While the majority of Florida does speak either US English or Spanish, there are over 19 million people living in the state. Within this huge number, we find that a large variety of different languages are spoken. With.

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English is the largest language in the world, if you count both native and non-native speakers. If you count only native speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the largest. This chart shows the top six.. Top 15 Most Spoken Languages Around the World. Traveling abroad means meeting people from strange lands, experiencing architectural and even possibly historical landmarks first hand, and often taking the time to taste all of the fantastic foods that your destination country has to offer (don't forget alcoholic drinks) Megalanguages around the World - List of Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and French speaking countries. Languages around the World with International Language Codes Languages of the World and where they are spoken, a list of Language Names in English and French with ISO 639-2 Alpha-3 as well as some of the Alpha-2 language identification codes Languages are the most important and easiest way to transmit expressions to one another. Languages let the people to express their views by just speaking or writing. We can say that without language it is impossible to understand anything from another person. We all know that there are more than 100s of main languages in the world. But few of them are spoken widely and the most. So, here we. One obvious reason to learn about the world's most spoken languages is that they are useful. Once you know more about these languages, you might consider which language you should learn next. Speaking a foreign language can help you land a job, and since these languages are so widely spoken, they're particularly useful. Additionally, you may very well encounter native speakers of these.

SPECIAL EUROBAROMETER 386 Europeans and their Languages 6 At a national level English is the most widely spoken foreign language in 19 of the 25 Member States where it is not an official language (i.e. excluding the UK and Ireland). The majority of Europeans who speak English, German, Spanish an These 10 countries speak the most languages in the world are spoken within their borders. Australia has a particularly rich linguistic culture and according to 2016 Ethnologue data , we speak.

But, have you ever wondered what the most popular languages in the world are? Let's find out: 1. Mandarin. Mandarin is spoken by almost a billion people, and is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations. There are 1200 million varieties of this language. It is popularly spoken in northern and south-western China. The language has been derived from Sino-Tibetan family. But, just. It's Good to Be Popular! 7 of the World's Most Studied Languages. If one of these languages interests you, immersive learning (surrounding yourself with the written and spoken language) is the fastest way to join its community of students. Of course, if you aren't currently located in an area where it's spoken, immersion's a lot harder to achieve. FluentU is a great way to mimic the. In today's article, we'll take a trip to find out the most studied languages in the world. And yes, I said studied. While it's good to know which languages are the most spoken throughout the world, this doesn't truly show us which ones lure in the most learners. So read on as we unveil the big winners below. Last Updated: 14/11/2018

Many words used in other languages have been taken from Arabic. Due to these various qualities, it can easily be said to be one of the most beautiful languages in the world. #6 Farsi. Farsi is certainly one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It's a very soft spoken and calm language where the speaker never has to raise the tone. It. Languages with the most native speakers. But just because a language has the most number of articles on Wikipedia doesn't mean it's the language spoken by the largest number of people in the world. Here are the 20 biggest languages in the world, ranked by number of native speakers: As you would expect, Mandarin is in the clear lead, with more than twice the number of native speakers than. Russian is spoken by about 20% of the Israeli population, mainly by the large immigrant population from the former Soviet Union, and English is a known foreign language by a significant proportion of the Israeli population as English is used widely in official logos and road signs alongside Hebrew and Arabic. In addition, the 19th edition of Ethnologue lists 36 languages and dialects spoken. Hardest Languages to Learn in the World : There are countless various languages spoken all over the world. And It's quite possible that you talk among the language stated in this post, but other 9 languages would absolutely be difficult for you. Since this write-up is written in English, we are mainly concentrating on English speakers, but still we strove making this list as varied as.

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